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5 Tips For Getting The Lowest Premiums On Life Insurance

If you’ve heard the old adage “The best insurance policy is the one the client will buy.” You’re not alone. Many Canadians fall victim to overpriced insurance premiums since they bought the first policy they were offered.

Here are 5 Tips On How To Get A Lower Life Insurance Premiums:

#1 Know The Personal Factors That Lead To Increased Insurance Premiums.

These include age, health status, lifestyle choices, occupation, and gender.

#2 You May Pay More Because You Have Higher Coverage Needs.

If you’re looking for a $1,500,000 policy, you’re going to pay more than someone looking for just $200,000.

#3 Get An Insurance Policy While You’re Young.

Canadians who purchase their life insurance policy while they’re young have seen up to a 300% lower monthly premium than if they waited.

#4 Consider using an insurance broker.

Canadian Life Rates has a comparison tool that helps match candidates with insurance brokers, so instead of shopping the market alone, you’ve got a trusted advisor in your corner.

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